The Crete Senesi, UNESCO heritage, for me are a caress to the soul.
The views are so beautiful that I often feel like crying. Each season has its own color and you could come back every day and always see something different from the previous day.
We will admire the Biancane di Leonina, wonderful views, Siena in the distance and we will listen to the silence that surrounds us.
We will stop at the famous sculptural installation "Site Transitoire" by French artist Jean Paul Philippe, in 1993.

The best time to hike is just before the sunset

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Hiking and Environmental guide

Jennifer & Maia

We will hike with you on one of my beloved paths

durationhalf day

languageenglish, german, italian


7 KM

Difference in altitude

100 M




3 hours

The difficulty of the route is easy.
We walk on white, sand roads and paths.

I recommend choosing the sunset time, especially in summer. I will serve you a small aperitif at the Transitoire site.
It is not possible to do this hike after deep rain.

  • Where


  • Length

    7 km

  • Difficulty of altitude

    100 m

  • Duration

    3 ore circa

  • Lunch

    non previsto

  • Equipment

    Scarpe comode