Embark on a captivating exploration of the recently designated UNESCO World Heritage Site: Piazzale Michelangelo. Our expedition commences at the famed Ponte Vecchio, an architectural gem that sets the stage for a journey filled with historical richness.

As we ascend the hill, navigating through enchanting secondary roads, a verdant and serene cityscape gradually unfolds. This picturesque vision, conceptualized in 1869 by G. Poggi, was intended as one of Florence's inaugural "healthy-green spaces," providing residents with a haven to rejuvenate amidst the embrace of nature.

Our odyssey leads us to the exquisite rose garden and Piazzale Michelangelo, where panoramic vistas captivate the senses. The ascent persists, guiding us to the venerable Abbey of San Miniato a Monte. Here, a breathtaking tableau of Florence awaits, offering a majestic perspective that crowns our expedition with awe and wonder.

We will descend into the city center on an old pilgrim shortcut to finish our walk.

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Environmental hiking guide

Jennifer & Maia

We will guide you in this beautiful hike




6 KM

Difference in altitude

100 M




3 hours

The difficulty of the route is easy. We walk on secondary roads.

It is possible to add a visit to the EDV-Garden.
A picnic, an aperitif or lunch at my house.

  • Area

    Piazzale Michelangelo

  • Length

    7 km

  • Difference in altitude

    100 m

  • Duration

    3 hours

  • Extra

    lunch, dinner, aperitive, EDV-Garden

  • Equipment

    Comfortable shoes