Walk like a pilgrim on the Via Francigena.
The stretch from San Miniato to Monteriggioni, for us, is one of the most beautiful parts of the Via Francigena in Tuscany and the route certainly represents the beauty of the Tuscan territory at its best.
Rolling hills, churches, vineyards, white roads, woodlands and sun.
Each night we will stay the overnight in a medieval villages to better understand pilgrim's live in the Middle Ages.
You will touch, on the whole way, the history, tradition and culture with your hand and hard.
A relaxing and regenerating hike to switch off and dive into the beauty of Tuscany.

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environmental guide

Jennifer & Maia

We will guide you during this hike

4 Days




15-18 April 2022 (or on request)


Via Francigena




4 days

The first stage is 23km.
It's simple but long, so you need to have a bit of training.
The second stage of 14 km, third and forth stage of 16 km. They are simple stages on secondary and white roads.
The territory is hilly so the path is a continuous up and down: valleys and peaks.
The walk is very suitable for those who want to try a first experience with a backpack.

From Monteriggioni normally share a taxi to reach the station or cars.

  • Area

    Via Francigena

  • Lungezza


  • Dislivello


  • Durata

    4-6 ore circa al giorno

  • Pranzo

    a sacco

  • Attrezzatura

    Scarpe da trekking

  • Backpack service

    Available with extra charge


Difficulty medium for the length of the first stage

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